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Aichi Center For Japanese Studies - The Yamasa Institute
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Yamasa II


Very few Japanese language teaching facilities can match the Yamasa Institute's modern Okazaki campus. The campus is located just a 7-minute walk from the main Japan Railways (JR) Okazaki railway station, not far from the administrative center of Okazaki and near to shopping, restaurants, banks and other services.

The heart of the Institute is the 5-story Yamasa II building. Completely modern, this fully air-conditioned and heated facility contains a library and computer laboratories with a variety of resources including audio-visual and online learning aids, copying machines for students, western style amenities and easy access to staff (the faculty of the Academic programs are also located in Yamasa II).


The classrooms are significantly larger than the standards recommended by the APJLE - the space means that none of our students spend their classes sitting in rows. Instead all classrooms are laid out in a U-shape to maximize interaction not only between the students and the teaching team but also among the students themselves. Instead of the 'Tokyo style' writing palettes attached to the arm of a chair, all Yamasa students have desks with plenty of room to spread out dictionaries and other learning aids. Combined with our smaller class sizes, you clearly enjoy the advantage of space when you study at Yamasa.

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