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Every person who is not a Japanese citizen will need a visa when coming to Japan. Nationals of certain countries can be issued with a tourist visa on arrival in Japan; nationals of other countries are required to apply for the visa in advance. In all cases, if you are unsure about anything concerning your visa, contact Yamasa, your study abroad advisor or the nearest Japanese Consulate for advice. Don’t assume that because you come to Japan with a passport, you will get a visa. Check first.

Tourist Visa

The length of the tourist visa varies from country to country; in some cases it is two weeks, in others six months. Usually it is three months or 90 days. Nationals of many countries can come to Japan and receive a tourist visa on arrival at the airport. Others are required to go to the Japanese Consulate first to be issued the visa. Nationals of certain countries will require a Personal Guarantor in Japan and it may take several months to be issued the tourist visa. Please make sure that you contact the nearest Japanese Consulate to find out their requirements for citizens of your country before you finalize your plans for study in Japan. You can follow any of Yamasa’s courses on this visa for as long as the visa is valid, but you cannot work while on a tourist visa.

Student Visa

This requires a little more preparation for all applicants. The student visa is issued twice a year, once in April and once in October. The visa from April is for one year, renewable up to a total of two years’ study, and you have to complete an application by December 20th of the year before. The visa from October is for up to 18 months' study, and the application deadline is June 20th of the same year. All applicants will need to show either that they have sufficient savings to cover their studies for the year, or that they have a Financial Sponsor who can do so. Some applicants may require a Personal Guarantor. You can only follow Academic courses on the student visa. You may work up to four hours per day on this visa once you have applied for permission.

Working Holiday Visa

The working holiday visa is only available for citizens of a few countries (check with the Japanese Consulate if you are eligible). This visa can only be taken once, is usually for 6 months and for up to 30 year olds. The visa is applied for through your local Japanese Consulate. You do not require any documentation from Yamasa. When you come to Japan, you are then free to work or study as you please. You can follow any of Yamasa's programs on this visa.

Other Matters

Alien Registration Card

While you are in Japan on the student visa, you will be issued with an alien registration card. You are legally required to carry this with you at all times.

International Driver's License

It is a good idea to get an International Driver's License before coming to Japan, in case you intend to rent a car.

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