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Aichi Center For Japanese Studies - The Yamasa Institute
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Thank you for visiting the English version of the website. We are not able to publish the full website and catalog in (language), but our hope is that through this minisite, we can provide information about the Hattori Foundation, the Yamasa Institute and the Aichi Center for Japanese Studies in (language) for students of Japan and the Japanese language, as well as provide some information in (language) for friends and relatives of students already in Okazaki.

If you are interested in studying Japanese in Japan, please browse through the Program Catalog today and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We hope you can join us. Please note that Admissions are competitive and that as places are limited, not all applicants can be accepted. Early application is advised.The Yamasa Institute has grown to become the largest non-profit, non-government Institute specializing in the teaching of Japanese as a foreign language. Our aim is to provide the place where students from around the world begin to encounter the ‘real Japan’, as we believe that living with, studying with, and genuinely communicating with Japanese people is the key to understanding Japan and its people. Through investment in modern facilities and accommodations, flexible study options, smaller classes and personal support, we hope to make it easier and quicker to learn Japanese. No effort has been spared in building the Institute to the point where it is now recognized and accredited as one of the leaders in Japanese language education.

President's Introduction

The Hattori Foundation (established in 1919) founded the Yamasa Institute’s Aichi Center for Japanese Studies in the historic city of Okazaki to provide high quality Japanese language education. Already the leading center in the Mikawa region, the center aims without any reservations to be Japan’s leading provider of high quality Japanese language education and support services. As one of the few truly international institutes in Japan, it has been a great pleasure to see our relationships with our partner institutions both in Japan and abroad grow and be able to offer new opportunities to students of Japanese.

No other Institute offers the same high quality education, delivered by a professional and highly experienced faculty, at a low at-cost price. No other Institute offers more spacious, modern and technologically advanced facilities. No other Institute offers guaranteed housing within walking distance of your classroom door. Whether you are looking for an intensive preparation for a professional career or entry into a Japanese university or graduate school, a brush-up of skills or a first taste of the experience Japan has to offer, Yamasa has the program for you.

We hope that this catalog provides you with a taste of the programs and experiences of studying at Yamasa, and gives you an idea about the lives of our students. Here at Yamasa Japanese ceases to be a foreign language, and becomes one of your own.

Yoshio Hattori
President, Hattori Foundation

Hattori Foundation
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