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Aichi Center For Japanese Studies - The Yamasa Institute
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Counseling and Advice

Welfare & Health

Housing, Homestays, Banking, Visas, Health care, Health Insurance, Computing support, Translations and general advice. This counseling is particularly an advantage for beginners. There are times when accuracy in communication is very important - when visiting a doctor or dentist for example or when signing a lease agreement. At Yamasa you can seek professional assistance and avoid problems so that you can concentrate on your studies - you don’t have to worry about any legal or official matters.

Job Placement

An increasing number of students, particularly professionals who enroll in Yamasa with the longer-term goal of working in Japan are making use of the Job Placement service. This is not for part-time work but for students seeking full time positions in Japan after they complete their language studies. Yamasa maintains close links with local industry and has helped find quality jobs for students in fields such as manufacturing, information technology, financial services and international trade. You can also use the free online 'Access' database for information about internships around Japan.

University Placement

If you are intending to continue studying in Japan after you complete your academic studies, the placement services available from Yamasa will make it easier. The bilingual'Access' online database was developed by Yamasa and includes all of the information required by foreign students for every university in Japan, and information about scholarships and internships as well. Yamasa will be able to assist you with selection, obtaining interviews, scholarship information, exam preparation etc. In addition, many of the universities in central Japan have become ‘suisen daigaku’ that accept Yamasa graduates on our recommendation, allowing Yamasa students to bypass examinations. With assistance from your academic advisor at Yamasa, we ensure that all our graduates are guaranteed a place at a Japanese University.

Overall, your studies at the Yamasa Institute will be a major step in advancing not only your language skills, but also your plans for using Japanese in the future.

Providing a supportive, academic environment, you will be able to make the most of your time in Japan and ensure that you are able to realize your goals. And even if you are just coming for pleasure, you can be sure that you will have a trouble-free stay in Japan. Because the satisfaction and well-being of our students is as important to us as ensuring that you are able to fulfill your academic goals.

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